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The Redland Club has undergone significant renovation since 2009 when it was first leased to Tango West Ltd, a locally based dance company. Some funding was obtained from the John James Trust at the outset and also Bristol City Council, Neighbourhood Partnership in 2010 to undertake some of the improvements. However, most of the work has been funded by Tango West itself.

The entrance/lobby area was completely transformed with the removal of a series of huge coat rails to become a useful and welcoming entrance space. New anti-slip flooring was installed in the lobby area, kitchen and toilets and all areas were completely redecorated. The electrical wiring, heating and plumbing systems were overhauled to achieve compliance with safety regulations.

In the main hall, the old stage area was removed to achieve a larger circulation surface, additional parquet flooring was fitted and the whole floor was completely sanded and resealed to form a perfect surface for dancing. As a result no metal stiletto heels or rough footwear are permitted in the hall! An additional double radiator has been installed to improve heating levels and comfort. The heating is controlled by thermostat and thus the radiator valve settings should be left as is. There is a range of lighting options, including spotlights and uplighters. New vertical blinds were installed in 2014. A potential project remains to install large dance studio type mirrors on the back wall, subject to future funding.

The kitchen was replumbed and fitted out to modern standards to become a useful facility for small events. There is a fridge, cooker and microwave. Crockery and utensils are also available for use.

The most recent change at the club has been to the “Vintage Room” – formerly the old snooker room. This is a large multi-functional room that can be used for a variety of purposes including meetings, one to one sessions such as counselling or coaching, therapy sessions or meditation. A therapist’s couch is available as are meeting tables and chairs.

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